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YouTube Video Marketing Guide

How can you make plutocrat from YouTube video?

Well first you need commodity topromote. However, head on down to either ClickBank or Commission Junction and get your tone an account, now you have thousands of products to choose from, If you do not have any product to vend that isn’t a problem.

How you can produce your vids for free without having to buy any precious software!

First you need to snare yourself a free dupe of Cam Studio, this is open source software you get the full interpretation for free and unrestricted. Do a hunt on Google to get the URL

This software will allow you to record your screen and out put it into a videotape format compatible with the videotape spots. If want to read about youtube video downloader tool visit y2mate!

Next your going to need some slide show donation software, if you have MS Office and Power Point formerly installed also great! You can use this.

If don’t have Power Point do not worry you habituate have to buy Microsoft’s over priced software there’s a free result (this is what I tête-à-tête use not because I’m tight-I just like it) it’s called Open Office.

Again this is Open Source and is made out the kindness of their hearts! Good software too!

Download and install your free dupe from their website hunt for”Open Office”on Google

Now you can presumably guess what we’re going to do with it, but heck ill tell you anyway just in case) principally your going to make a slide show promoting the product of choice! Record your screen while you play it, viola you have a short videotape!

Now I got the gear what kind of videotape should I make?

Information Products

You can condense all the benefits of an information product your promoting on ClickBank into a slide show and record it.

You can find out all the information from the deals runner of the products your promoting it should give you all the information you need to make this if not also it has a poor deals runner so move on.

Or better still do a product comparison compare the features, benefits and price of 2 products and give them the information and let them decide which is stylish for them and give them both chapter links!

Software Demonstrations

Still, just record yourself using it, If your promoting a software product you can make a videotape demonstrating the features.

If your suitable to get audio indeed more you can talk over the videotape as your demonstrating it if not it can still work OK just add mottoes explaining what you’re doing it’ll work just as well)

You can find loads of chapter programs for software on ClickBank and around the web that you can promote I would avoid promoting commodity you have not tried yourself as you do not want to tell people to buy commodity that does not work or is unacceptable!

How To Vids

These types of vids get a lot of attention on YouTube and other videotape spots, people always want tutorials on how to do commodity.
Know how to do commodity on the computer that you suppose others would like to know?

Does not count how simple just make a quick videotape, if there’s some software that automates the task after showing them how to do it manually you can promote this software and get some good transformations. Must read Y2mate YouTube MP3 converter!

Subscribe up to the chapter program of a hosting company, make a videotape about how easy the sign up process is and promote it!

Endless ways on monetizing these kind of vids!

Events In The News

Keep ahead of events in the world and be first to post! This can get you a million successes if done rightly and you hit a home run.

After the news hits the world media millions of people go online in hunt of further information and YouTube will rank in the top rosters of the hunt machines.

You can monetize these vids with all kinds of effects free iPod dispatch submits and other dispatch submits can work well with mass non targeted business, if you can line up commodity applicable to vend also you can make a payoff from this.

Silly Faves

Have a videotape camera at home and demented pet that just does the most stupid effects? Film it! Trust me it can make you rich.

You’ll be surprised about how important attention these kind vids get, and they do go viral fluently.

But the stylish thing about it’s. That the Pet assiduity is a veritably economic niche. To be in and you formerly have sub niche then.

If you mugged your cat also promote a cat related word product if a canine also do a canine related word product you’ll find loads of these on ClickBank to promote.
One other nice thing about doing this is that the larger chance of your followership will be womanish that are statistically shown to spend the utmost plutocrat online so your really tapping into a gold mine with this bone.

And much more! Use your imagination! be creative!



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