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Which One Is Better Airtel Digital Tv or Xstream Set-Top Box?

The DTH subscriptions have become a recent trend in the entertainment industry. When choosing the best DTH or set-top box plan, the buyer must be prudent enough to compare all the features and options before buying. So, they can purchase from the best DTH provider. According to the market trends, Airtel Digital and Xstream set-top boxes are found to be the acclaim ones. Airtel digital TV recharge plans are well rewarding and also very affordable. You can also do your online dish recharge within minutes using their website and mobile application.

The recently launch Xstream services by Airtel have enable users to access OTT and other apps. Here is a comparison of Airtel Digital Tv and Xstream set-top box to tell which one is the best.

  • The price: 

The Airtel DTH connection comes with two options – an HD set-top box at Rs.769 and SD (Standard definition) set-top box at Rs. 569. Dolby digital sound along with the Record and Play options is available in the HD one, whereas the SD one comes with an external recording feature.

The HD and SD set-top boxes come with various plans, like 81 SD channels at Rs. 127 only, per month. Airtel digital TV recharge plans list is available on the Airtel app and you can process your payment through it. You can even do the online dish recharge using the Airtel website and application.

The Airtel Xstream box is slightly costlier and is available in the market for Rs. 3,108. The monthly plan costs Rs. 207 and includes 90 SD channels. 15 of them can be HD. Various smart features like Chrome built-in, amazon prime, Netflix, etc. are includein the package.

The comprehensive Airtel digital TV recharge plans list can help you get a brief insight into the current plans in the Indian market. It can also help you compare the different plans and make a prudent decision. You can make use of the voice search feature to control the device without even using the remote.

  • Ways of Upgrading: 

If you own an Airtel Digital TV, you can get it upgrad anytime you want. You have two options for upgrading, which are to choose an Xstream stick or an Xstream box 4K. There is no huge difference between the cost of these two. You can get both of these at a market price of Rs. 3,999 and do online dish recharge using the app.

However, if you are an Airtel DTH subscriber, you can get a discount on the price of either of these things that you wish to purchase. If you are willing to upgrade to 4K, it would cost you only Rs.2,249 in totally.

Although, you do not have to upgrade if you buy the Airtel Xstream set-top box in the first place. The entire set-up offers features that are slightly more in quantity and quality than the Airtel Digital set-top box. Also, the multiple Airtel digital TV recharge plans offer you a myriad of collectives to choose from.

  • The inclusions and what is bundled free: 

Whether you buy an Airtel Digital or the Airtel Xstream set-top box, it is a single-time investment. However, if you have purchas an Airtel Digital set-top box, you will have to pay a monthly price to get your services continu.

Any failure in doing so would terminate your services temporarily until the payment is done. The online dish recharge is an easy way of paying and it is different for HD and SD. If you are making use of the Airtel Xstream services, you will be required to pay Rs. 999 per year to continue your access to Airtel’s services and its digital content. This digital content includes live TV shows and movies.


Many other things are also added occasionally on the platform for the users to avail of and enjoy. The broadband charges will be costing you a little extra, as a stable internet connection is required for you to watch those TV shows and movies. If you are wishing to get an Airtel Xstream set up done at your place, you can avail of the one-year free subscription of the content available on the Airtel app platform. On the Airtel website, you can select the Airtel digital TV recharge plans that perfectly suit your needs.

A one-month subscription to the HD DTH pack is include with the package for free. If you need an Amazon Prime and Netflix subscription, it will cost you a little extra and can easily be include in your Airtel Xstream package.

Just like the online dish recharge, the payment is very simple. Airtel users, who have these things as a part of their subscription and use it on their mobile phones. They can get these services extend and use them on their TV regularly.



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