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The Must-Have Grilling Equipment for your First BBQ Recipe

You’re probably excited to start on your barbeque journey and are planning to invite people over for a fun barbeque evening. But we all know about the first-time jitters. Owning a barbecue grill according to your choice is not the only thing. You’ll need handy barbeque accessories and a few trials and practice before you can confidently throw a barbeque party. Proper grilling equipment and accessories are important so that your charcoal fire doesn’t get wasted and cleaning is easy post-barbeque session. Also, the smartest pieces of equipment are those that would help you get the food faster to the fire. Prepping your food before barbequing and then using the right tools to put them on the grill at the right time is important in this case. So, once you have your grill all set and have decided on your first barbeque recipe, it’s time to dive into the must-have grilling essentials to ensure you prepare the barbecue to perfection:

1. A Chimney Starter

This bbq equipment is the best alternative to lighter fluids. The chimney starter saves fuel and time and is easy to clean while getting your charcoal fired up. It comes as a tall metal tube that fire up the charcoal by convection heat. The body has holes and a bottom grate that contains charcoal bricks. You’ll only need some newspaper and a matchbox for it to work. This will cut down on the costs of lighter fluids and prevent the smell of gasoline from creeping into your barbeque. Just ensure that you buy the right capacity according to your grill.

2. Long-handled Tongs

A pair of long-handled tongs will help you handle multiple steaks while keeping a safe distance from the fire. Choose stainless steel tongs with sturdy construction. Make sure they are not flimsy and susceptible to bends or heat (plastic or nylon tongs can melt, so it’s best to avoid those). Check that the tong clasps are good for gripping so that you can flip your meats and veggies on time. Tongs are better than searing forks because piercing the meat can cause it to lose some of its flavorful juices.

3. Spatulas

You’ll find spatulas, skewers, and forks in a bbq grill set. However, it’s wise to invest in individual spatulas as well. They are best for flipping burgers, grilled pizzas, and especially grilled fish fillets. Choose a spatula made from metal or silicone with an offset handle to allow you to slip it under the food easily. You can choose slotted spatulas for delicate items like fish or lean meats. The thin head helps in control and precision while flipping. Keep another heavy-duty grilling spatula for a wider flipping area. Sometimes, you may need to use both spatulas for extremely delicate foods.

4. Long-handled basting brushes

A basting brush is basic bbq equipment. A long-handled basting brush can help you apply sauces to the cooked meat while barbecuing. Silicone brushes are the best as they don’t pick up crusts from the food and can withstand high heat. It also doesn’t retain sauce in its bristles and provides more coverage. It’s wise to get a set of such brushes so that you can use each of them for a food type and prevent cross-contamination.

5. A Wired Grill Brush

Keeping a clean grate is necessary for hygiene and ready for next use. The grill can easily get dirty from burnt foods, grease, and sticky bits from the barbecue, cheese, and sauce. A grill brush helps keep your grate clean and eliminates barbecue mess. It has a scouring surface or a head with bristles that remove the debris. Choose one with a stiff wire head. It’s best to clean the barbecue while it’s still hot. The more it cools down, the more difficult it is to clean the grate.

6. An Instant-Read Thermometer

Barbecuing for the first time and even after several times can lead to overcooking or undercooking the meats. Perfect timing and knowing when your barbecue is ready is the best way to get a delicious barbecue. Instant-read thermometers will help you in this case and let you know how much your meat is cooked. It’s better to invest in this one rather than getting your barbecue spoiled.

7. Torch Or Lights For Evening Or Late Night Barbecues

You can use grill lights or a torch, so you don’t have to second guess while checking on your meats. Grill lights can clamp on the side of your grill and help you to see clearly. You can also find some barbeque grill models with lights attached for using the dark.

8. Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil helps prevent your meats, fish, and veggies from getting stuck to the grate. They can also help in preventing smaller items from falling through the grate. Wrap up your barbeque items in the foil and place them directly on the grate.

9. Paper Towels

You’ll need them while eating, but you can’t ignore them while cooking either. You’ll easily get food debris jumping out and spills while cooking. Keep a roll of paper towels nearby to quickly mop up such a mess.

10. Fire extinguisher

Probably not bbq equipment, but a very important one for safety measures. You’ll probably not need it but as they say, prevention is better than cure. Flare-ups, especially from gas grills, or some mishap can happen due to cooking in an open flame. Keep a fire extinguisher for emergency purposes.

Check to mark your essentials for your perfect bbq recipe. Once you’ve all of them in place, you’re all set to start off on your barbecue journey!



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