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Summer Car Tyres Vs All-season Car Tyres

Naturally, the varying seasons can affect the car tyres and needs changing according to safely drive on the roads with the best performance. The vehicle can benefit from driving with a set of seasonally relevant tyres. Also in some countries, it is a legal need to drive with the right seasonal car tyres. In today’s guide, you will find out the difference between summer and all-season tyres, as well as learn what makes car tyres Leeds illegal to drive on roads.

When does someone need summer car tyres?

Summer car tyres are important when the temperatures rise above 7 degrees Celsius. This is because these tyres offer a firm grip on the hot road and their tread depth tends to be shallower for promoting excellent stability in hot months. Summer car tyres are even beneficial for the cars in terms of mileage, promote a higher grip on the surface and lower the risk of aquaplaning.

Benefits of buying summer car tyres

  • Greater control in summers
  • Lower braking distance during the summer months
  • Lower noise when driving
  • Better opposition to aquaplaning

When should someone buy all-season car tyres?

All-season car tyres are durable as well as are generally more particularly ideal throughout the year. Moreover, they have deeper treads as well as promote grip in both light snow along with rainy situations. These tyres offer a reliable rolling resistance that also helps in better fuel efficiency when comparing them to winter variants.

Benefits of buying all-season car tyres

  • Stronger traction on both wet as well as dry roads
  • It can help save money by removing the need to buy 2 separate sets of tyres
  • Ideally perfect for conditions in the UK

However, it is also vital to note that such tyres will offer satisfactory results, And if you want the best performance, then opting for seasonal tyres including summer or winter tyres will be ideal.

What can make car tyres illegal to drive?

Ensuring that the car tyres are legal is important for vehicle maintenance as well as for the passenger’s safety. The tyres will require checking annually during the MOT test, however, many car owners may not be fully aware of the minor things that can make the car tyres illegal to drive

Not regularly checking the car tyre safety can lead to an MOT failure plus even result in a large fine if the car owner drives with illegal tread on the street. Below, you can find the most common signs of tyres in a bad condition.

Signs of tyres in the wrong condition

Tyre tread depth

Tyre tread describes the thickness of the tyre’s outer layer of rubber and the legal limit is set to 1.6mm in the UK. Also, if the tyre’s tread depth is lower than 1.6mm, then the driver can face a large fine as well as lower safety on roads.

Uneven tyre tread wear

Uneven tyre tread wear is a key part of what leads to illegal tyres in the UK. Excessively worn-off tyre tread can have deep as well as large cuts in the sidewall, plus can be unevenly worn-off in different parts of the tyre. These kinds of symptoms can even lead to a weak patch on the tyre that may cause a sudden tyre blowout. When checking uneven car tyres, keep a close eye for any signs of cracking, bulging as well as damage on the sidewall.

Incorrect car tyre pressure

If the tyres are under-inflated as well as overinflated, then this situation can even cause major damage to them. Incorrect tyre air pressure can cause major damage to the tyres as well as lower the performance of the car. The tyre pressure can even have a major impact on the car’s overall handling while braking. Therefore, it’s vital to regularly check the car tyre pressure to ensure a safe drive.

Driving around with car tyres not right for the wheels

If the car tyres are not well-suited to the wheels, then you will most probably obtain a hefty fine. For example, never use 4×4 tyres on tractor wheels or mount larger tyres on a small car that will not support them. Driving around with a set of incorrect Tyres Broughton on the car will compromise the overall safety as well as the performance of the ride.

Automobile owners can contact a well-known tyre centre near their place to discover more about the various brands available in the market. Ensure that you explore all the best brands along with different models before making the ultimate decision.

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