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Steps To Enable EV Charging At Work

Providing electric car charging points at your workplace has several commercial advantages. It demonstrates your social and environmental values and responsibilities.

We’ve put up four simple steps to ease the process for you:

Ensure all your stakeholders are onboard

First and foremost, assess staff enthusiasm for a workplace EV charging program. Measure how many of your workers own an electric vehicle, how they charge now, and how many intend on buying an electric vehicle shortly. One may get our convenient pre-made survey questionnaire here. As electric vehicles become more prevalent, it has become extremely vital for companies to have EV charging stations at their offices.

Calculate the amount of Charging points you’ll need

Determine how many employees will profit from an electric car charging program like this. It would assist you in determining the number of charging stations that you will require. You might survey to do this. You could even send this by email. Inquire whether the employee owns an electric car or plans on getting one anytime soon, how and where they recharge it, and how far they reside from the workplace.

It could help you determine which employees require it the most. This will assist you in determining a general cost estimate and whether or not it’s affordable according to the budget.

Prepare yourself for any possible challenges that you might face

Consult with your office’s utility provider, charging vendor, or any other parties involved. Having everybody back your proposal will make the planning phase go more smoothly.

Do your research on Installation and other costs, grants, incentives, etc.

Contemporary electric vehicle chargers can range in price from €500 to €1,500. Account for all capital expenses and also running expenses like maintenance and upkeep. Furthermore, look into Electric vehicle charging grants or expenses in your nation to take advantage of any tax breaks and subsidies.

Go for the Charger that best suits not just your needs, but also your brand and work environment
To ensure that your EV chargers are a profitable purchase, make sure that the connector type and energy are compatible with the employees’ electric vehicles. Numerous EV charger manufacturers’ web pages will have data on personal model compliance to assist customers.

Before you make a purchase, keep these four crucial considerations in mind.


In regards to connector type and voltage, the office charger ought to be suitable for your employees’ EVs. You may use the model selector to find compatible chargers for certain vehicles. Remember that the total recharging speed depends on the electricity available to your facility or the capacity of your electric vehicle’s battery.


Look for a user-friendly charger, such as one that uses biometric authentication or is application-controlled. Try implementing a system that can support smart charging. This allows you to control how and when your electric vehicle gets recharged. This will save you money on infrastructure upgrades and utility company fines if you exceed the energy output restrictions.


Pick only a charger with a safety certificate, like a CE certification, and a globally acknowledged protective grade of IP54 or above. Additionally, look for chargers that include a connector holster and a cord management system. These can help reduce the risk of tripping or damaging the vehicle or charger. Lastly, make sure the adapter has Integrated DC Protection. To secure your system, it must identify power leaks and instantly cut off the current.

Hire an experienced, certified installer

Your employees’ safety is essential, therefore consider hiring a trained and skilled technician for the installation process. You will not only rest easy knowing your electric vehicle is safe, but will also receive guaranteed compliance with national regulations. Expect to receive a certificate from a trustworthy technician, which you may keep for future maintenance issues or insurance claims.

Other things to consider include:


The actual cost varies depending on your region and structural specifications. However, expect to spend at least €700. Just to find out how much you’re spending up front, request a pricing breakdown that includes electrical components and services.

Services & Expertise

Strive for a smooth end-to-end service that assists you in selecting the right charger to suit you and also your evolving needs. This includes a thorough examination of how to properly set up your charger as well as post-installation instructions for utilizing the charger in conjunction with other applications, such as smart charging apps.

Set up a charging policy

It is critical to develop company EV Charging policies so that all users understand how to properly and safely utilize the chargers.

Make sure to include:

  • Instructions on how to use the charger and other EV-related technologies
  • Charging etiquette and guidelines
  • A clear payment structure for using these charging stations
  • FAQs
  • Contact information

Electric Vehicle Chargers Put Your Company on the Map

Electric Vehicle charging stations will place your firm on the maps by attracting the environmentally conscious, perhaps bringing new staff, consumers, and also more revenue. By expanding the number of charging stations provided, you could also assist in the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. A lot of people who are considering buying an electric vehicle are still concerned about range issues. Here’s where expanding the quantity of easily accessible chargers might help. Choosing the right operator is as critical as selecting the correct chargers. They are responsible for ensuring that these get installed securely and properly so that they function properly.

We are a fully licensed multi-utility connections firm that operates throughout the United Kingdom. We provide a one-stop-shop solution for establishing EV charging for residential housing, commercial complexes, or large-scale EV charging station rollouts for commercial parks. You can rely on us to ready your firm for the development of hybrid cars, from the installation of new power mains to the design and installation of charging stations themselves.

Workplace EV Chargers also helps enhance and empower your company. EV chargers could also aid in attracting and retaining talent by providing complimentary charging facilities as a benefit. However, establishing an EV charging infrastructure in the office might prove to be difficult. Picking the best charger and installation for your needs, as well as creating a charging schedule and policy, might feel overwhelming.

Reach out to our specialists right away if you have any more questions or concerns regarding establishing a workplace charging infrastructure.

Check out our product selection if you’re looking for custom charging solutions for your company.

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