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Spiti Valley : A complete Travel guide


Far away, hidden amongst giant Himalayan peaks, via the world’s maximum treacherous road, beyond army checkpoints and close to the faraway Tibetan border, lies Spiti Valley. A hidden gem in India wherein the splendor surpasses nearly anything we’ve ever seen. A moonscape of barren however grand land, towering above you in all its allure. A location so tough to attain, only a few adventurers dare to tour there! Although the Journey to Spiti Valley is lengthy and hard the rewards a long way outweigh the paintings involved. Plus, we suppose the adventure to Spiti Valley is 1/2 of the a laugh and all a part of the journey!

 What to Expect / Things to Know: Traveling to Spiti Valley is a journey of a lifetime! Spiti Valley is an exceedingly faraway location, which does include a few difficulties, demanding situations and adventures. Some points matters to be privy to earlier than visiting to Spiti Valley.

  • This is a faraway place and maximum lodging alternatives withinside the region are very simple. There might not be warm water or maybe going for walks. (we honestly went four days without showering as it became too bloodless for a chilly bucket bath! EEW!!) Bonus tip: take infant wipes to hold smooth incase you don’t have to get entry to warm water, thankfully we got here organized with the wipes….phew! 
  • You’ll probably now no longer get any net reception in any respect in the course of it slow in Spiti Valley, think about it as an awesome excuse to disconnect! (handiest BSNL telephones paintings withinside the place) 
  • Due to having no net, ensure you’ve got got screenshots of vital facts and maps to your phone earlier than leaving to your ride
  • You may have restricted meals alternatives to be had to you. There might be eating places and meals to be had, however range might be restricted.
  • Bring sufficient coins to remaining on your ride as there are restricted ATMS to be had withinside the valley or even in case you discover one there may be no assure your card will have paintings or that the gadget has coins.
  • Don’t use Google maps as an awesome indicator of tour instances. The roads may be very treacherous and sluggish and might take 3-instances the indicated or predicted time frames to tour.
  • You might be visiting right into an excessive altitude region, so that you want to be privy to altitude sickness. We suffered slight consequences and handiest observed it at the same time as doing a mild trek however anyone is affected differently.
  • Ensure you convey all medicines or vital private gadgets with you as you may not discover the resources you want when you attain the remotes place of Spiti Valley. 
  • Expect Tibetan stone villages, historical monasteries and beautiful landscapes! 

Best time to Visit Spiti Valley:

 April: Roads: 

Open handiest through Reckong Peo – now no longer handy from Manali Temperature: -5℃ to 18℃ Tourist Numbers: Low

 May-June: Roads:

 All roads open via way of means of mid June Temperature: 5℃ to 20℃ Tourist Numbers: Medium-High 


Roads: All roads must be open, until blocked via way of means of landslides Temperature:15℃ to 25℃ Tourist Numbers: Low

 Oct: Roads: 

All roads must be open in early Oct, until blocked via way of means of early snow. High opportunity of those roads being closed in past due Oct. Temperature: -5℃ to 20℃ Tourist Numbers: Low

Nov-March: Roads:

 Rohtang and Kunzum Passes might be closed, different roads is probably blocked because of snowfall. Temperature: 10℃ to -20℃ Tourist Numbers: Low Routes to Spiti Valley:

There also are 3 major routes for the Delhi to Spiti Valley ride which I will Outline below: (please notice those aren’t itineraries only a normally route/direction) 

1) Route 1 Clockwise Loop: Delhi – Manali – Kaza– Shimla– Delhii 

2) Route 1 Anticlockwise Loop: Delhi – Shimla – Kaza – Manalii – Delhi

Top Sights in Spiti Valley: 

1-Komic Village: 

This is the very best village in Asia and is positioned at a top of 5486m positioned approximately 18 kilometers from Kaza town. The splendor of this village will depart you speechless surrounded via way of means of panoramic mountain views.


 Spiti valley additionally lays claim to the worlds maximum submit workplace withinside the village Hikkim at an elevation of 4,400m. An incredible prevent off and picture graph op or why now no longer ship a postcard? 

3-Key Monastery: 

One of the most well-known and photographed locations in Spiti Valley is the lovely Key Monastery Dating back to a thousand AD this monastery is domestic to over three hundred buddhist lamas and sits at an altitude of 4,166m .

4-Chandratal Lake: 

A stunning glowing blue lake with night time tenting centers available, the appropriate location for stargazing!

 5-Nako Lake:

 No ride to Spiti valley is whole with out a go to to Nako, the maximum stunning location I even have ever been! Nako has a small however non violent lake positioned in Nako village surrounded via way of means of stunning willow bushes and lovely mountain vistas. 

6-Suraj Tal:

 A holy lake that translates to Lake of the Sun God. This emerald inexperienced splendor is the third largest lake in India.

7-The Mummy of Spiti Valley:

 Located withinside the small village of Giu lies the mummified frame of Sangha Tenzin a Lama who died at the age of forty five almost 1/2 of a millennia ago. It is stated that the mum became determined via way of means of police even as doing avenue creation work



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