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Learn Playground Rules For Safety Of Preschoolers

Every year, around 200,000 children in the United States visit the emergency room due to playground-related injuries, with nearly half of those injuries classified as severe.

You may be wondering, “Are playgrounds safe?” The truth is that they most certainly can be. However, for youngsters to know how to use playground equipment responsibly, they must first learn playground safety and observe playground rules.

How to Teach Children about Playground Safety?

The sooner you begin educating your child about playground safety, the better. Before you take your child to the playground, go over a playground safety checklist with them. Remind kids to take turns, watch out for other children, and use the equipment properly.

Another effective technique to educate children about what to do on the playground is to model it for them. Slide down slide feet first, grasp onto the railings of playground equipment, and go up and down a see-saw firmly.

Checklist for Playground Security

The playground safety checklist below is a great place to start when discussing the safe play with your child.

  1. Always follow Playground Rules for Preschoolers

First and foremost, be certain that your child is using the proper equipment and following playground rules for preschoolers of his or her age. If they can’t readily reach the ground on a swing or climb stairs, they should definitely wait until they’re a little bigger before using that equipment.

Also, emphasize the importance of using equipment correctly. Hanging upside-down on the monkey bars, for example, could result in a serious injury if the youngster falls. While experimenting might be enjoyable, it is best to play it safe.

  1. Examine Before Using

Teach your child to perform a quick inspection of playground equipment before using it. Before entering, check to see if there are any other youngsters in tunnels or moving down the slide. This can help you prevent collisions that can harm your child and others.

  1. Be Aware of Your Environment

Children might become so engrossed in running around the playground that they can quickly lose sight of their surroundings. Teach your child to keep their heads up and their eyes open while moving around the park. A crucial preschool playground rules to remember is to walk several feet away from swings and slides rather than directly in front of them. When moving around, keep an eye out for other children and adults.

  1. Avoid Using Wet Equipment

It can be tempting to take the kids to the park after a rainstorm has passed and the sun has begun to shine. However, even if your youngster walks slowly through wet playground equipment, it might be dangerous. If you must visit the playground, carry several towels.

  1. Put On Appropriate Clothing

Dress children in clothing that will not catch on playground equipment or cause harm. A pair of sweatpants is ideal for a trip to the park because they provide extra protection in case of falls or bumps. Look for any straps, buttons, or threads that could become entangled while using slides, swings, or other playground equipment. Before playing, instruct your youngster to take off any necklaces, earrings, or other jewelry.

  1. Play Games Away from Playground Equipment

At the park, children enjoy games such as hopscotch, hide and seek, and tag. However, when they play on or near playground equipment, they or other children may be injured. Remind children to play on the ground, preferably in an area of the park away from play equipment, and to keep an eye out for other children as they play.

Preschool Playground Rules Maintain Everyone’s Safety

The above playground safety checklist lays out simple, easy-to-follow preschool playground rules to keep your child and others safe at the park. It is also essential for adults to keep an eye on their children. Teach your children not to talk to strangers unless they are with you and to always keep them in your line of sight. The playground can be a safe and enjoyable place to be if you and your child do your part.

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