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Indian Human Hair Weave vs. Synthetic Hair Weave

When selecting the ideal wig, it’s a good idea to know the variations between Indian human hair and synthetic wigs. Examining artificial vs. Indian human hair benefits and drawbacks will help you decide which is best.

Indian Hair Weave
Indian Hair Weave

  • Indian human hair looks and feels more authentically natural than synthetic hair, which has a more artificial appearance. Weave hair colors can distinguish human and synthetic hair based on characteristics, including cost, durability, styling, upkeep, and feel.
  • When compared to synthetic hair pieces, virgin Indian hair is more expensive. When longevity is considered, human hair outlives synthetic extensions or wigs significantly. You can prefer long hair weave if needed as well.
  • In terms of styling, Indian remy hair can be styled with curling irons or rods, whereas synthetic hair cannot be styled with the aid of hot styling tools. While synthetic hair cannot even be considered for blow-drying, human hair can.
  • Indian Human hair also has the benefit of withstanding heat, whereas synthetic hair requires extra caution when used near open flames, such as in fireplaces or ovens. Since synthetic hair has poor heat resistance, it could be hazardous.
  • Human hair is much simpler to maintain and care for than synthetic hair. Compared to synthetic hair, it is much easier to shampoo, dye, and streak natural straight hair. Human hair may also sustain damage from over-dying. Human hair can be styled to look more natural than synthetic hair.
  • Running your fingers through human hair also makes it feel natural, which is one benefit of wearing a human hair accessory or wig. Because synthetic hair cannot breathe, the scalp may perspire and itch more than usual. One significant advantage of synthetic hair is that it will always maintain its predetermined style even after being washed.


Synthetic hair wigs can be very cost-effective if you intend to avoid wearing your wig every day. Compared to an Indian hair weave, a high-quality synthetic weave can look natural and be cleaned less frequently, saving you money on shampoo, conditioner, and styling supplies.



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