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Important Guide to Plan and Avoid Equipment Idling

Equipment Idling is when your equipment stands in the fleet being non-functional. The non-productive time of equipment may cause harm to the machines. The idling may be planned or unplanned depending on the conditions. Whereas you can make this idling time of equipment productive by planning proper strategy. The proper planning and strategy help you in identifying future issues in advance.

Although, the right strategy will also help you to stay a step ahead of any major breakdown. In this article, you will find some effective tips on planning the idling of your equipment and making it more productive.

  • Schedule Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance may be your greatest help against unplanned downtime if you own a big equipment fleet or a heavy equipment supplier. You have to schedule the maintenance of every piece of equipment according to their servicing and repair needs.

The scheduled maintenance will reduce the risk of sudden breakdown up to minimalist. However, in case of sudden idling, you must have a robust strategy like renting the alternative equipment in time of downtime.

  • Record Maintenance activities

Recording all the equipment maintenance activities in the document help you in managing the downtime. To record all the activities, you may use certain software such as an Excel sheet to record the time date and the particular maintenance of the equipment. It will help you to easily retrieve the information whenever you need it. You can also note down the possible risk that might hit the equipment. The documented record will also help you to claim any warranties for equipment.

  • Organize Operator Training

Construction equipment is designed to perform particular tasks under certain ranges. Overuse and unprofessional operation may lead to the early wear and tear of the equipment. It will also cause the less productivity of the equipment. 

Managers should focus on the operator’s training. Once the operator is trained, they will know how to efficiently operate the equipment without harming it. They will also know about the downtime so they can manage the tasks accordingly. Investing in operator training may save you from a big financial crisis in the future.

  • Keep Local Technicians in Loop

How can one forget the importance of technicians who keeps the machine maintained? It does not matter if you own a massive fleet or a small venture, you will always need a technician for your machine’s regular maintenance. The large companies usually hire them as full-time employees whereas the small ventures need to outsource them which is a bit cost-effective too. 

To overcome any emergency situation such as unplanned downtime, you should keep the local technicians in the loop. Make sure they can come immediately on your call when you run out of your resources.

  • Always Have an Emergency Plan

Having a backup plan for any emergency situation is a must-have thing in avoiding the idling of equipment. The backup emergency plan may save you from any potential big trouble in the future. You are always advised to have this backup plan whether you own a big company or run a small fleet.

The backup plan must include the following aspects:

  • Availability of spare parts for the equipment, 
  • Standby technicians who can be one call away to serve you 
  • Keep in contact with the rental companies

Bottom Line

The equipment idling is the time when your machine stands in the fleet being non-functional.The longer idling time may decrease the productivity of the machine and can cost you a little heavy amount on retrieving it. Experts always suggest planning the proper strategy whether you are a heavy equipment supplier or running a small equipment fleet. Having a robust and stiff plan can save you from any big trouble during the planned or unplanned downtime. Have a thorough read of this article and make yourself mindful enough in planning and reducing the idling of equipment.



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