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How To Write A Law Case Study Assignment?

✳ Overview

As a law student, you will be expected to work through complex case studies and deliver correct cases. However, everyone seeking a law degree understands that working on case study analysis is far from straightforward. The majority of the time, the issue stems from a lack of knowledge on how to approach the legal case study analysis.

If you’re having trouble producing a legal case study, you should first read about the steps and then practice with several legal case analysis samples. Listed below are the stages that go into generating legal case studies.

✳ How to Write a Legal Case Study Analysis in Steps

➮ Step 1: Carefully read the case

Once you are through the case, you should be able to figure out which facts are most important to the topic or begin analyzing the court’s decision. It’s difficult to know precisely what was at the heart of the court’s decision until you’ve read the entire case.

Don’t expect to figure everything out the first time you walk through a case. Read to understand what’s going on, who the critical players are, and what the court should do.

➮ Step 2: Describe the case’s history from a procedural perspective

Every published court judgement is based on a case appealed at least once. As a consequence, as a practicing attorney, you ought to be able to follow the progression of this case from the first lawsuit to the court proceedings that led to the judgement you’re reading.

To develop a good analysis, you must also comprehend how the case progressed through the judicial system, who sued whom, and who appealed.

➮ Step 3: Gather pertinent information

Every law suit must start with a story about two persons disagreeing. However, not all of the facts and circumstances surrounding this disagreement will impact the case’s outcome. It would help if you determined which elements of the tale are relevant to the problem raised in the court that decided to analyze the legal argument.

The initial facts that sparked the conflict may often be summarized in two lines. What matters most of the time is what happens later.

➮ Step 4: Inquire about the issue by asking a yes/no question

Creating a query about the case is the most straightforward approach to grasping a court’s analysis and reasoning on the legal problem.

In many cases, the court’s problem will bring many yes/no questions or a few follow-up questions based on the first’s answer. This frequently occurs when a previous court has never addressed a particular factual condition in the case. Before determining how a law applies, the court must first assess whether that law applies at all to that real scenario.

➮ Step 5: Answer the question with the court’s response.

In many cases, the court’s response will be one of these terms after you’ve reframed your issue as a question that can be answered with a yes or no. However, a more nuanced response, such as “sometimes” or “maybe,” may be required in other cases.

Some judges have a straightforward writing style, and they may pose the issue as a question and answer it immediately. However, this isn’t the best situation. Most written opinions will need you to determine the question and answer independently.

➮ Step 6: Focus on the most significant facts as determined by the court

Some of the relevant facts you’ve already recognized about a particular legal case will be more important. Since they illustrate why the court chose one rule over another.

Sometimes the simplest method to determine the court’s fact(s) is to consider. What would have occurred if they had chosen a different point to focus on. 

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