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As the weather heats up & the sun comes out, here is how to ensure your curls are protected.

Here’s what you’re up against regarding summer hair and why 4b hair protection is so important. First, overexposure to UV rays, particularly for color-treated hair, can result in excessive dryness and compromised color. (Think brassiness and even changing of hues.) Then, what happens when your hair is exposed to salt water, which can strip it completely of its natural oils, leaving your hair locks brittle & broken.

4b hair
4b hair

And, unfortunately, that is not it. There is chlorine exposure from pools; this can cause a chemical reaction that incites breakage, split-ends, and increased dryness. Lastly, you’ll probably sweat more when the weather warms up, increasing dandruff production. So, as you see, there is quite a lot of hair during summer. But, never fret. Ahead, we will show you how to protect your summer 4b hair texture so you do not end up with damaged 4b hair.

4b hair texture
4b hair texture

How Can I Protect My 4B Hair During Summer?


The good news is that damaged long 4b hair during the summer is not inevitable, and there are many ways to help protect yourself from the common afflictions that can plague our strands. Even better, they’re pretty simple. We’ll show you the curly hair products you need to add to your stash, the best protective hairstyles, summer hairstyles for 4c hair, and other methods for hair protection that you can try as the days heat up.


Hair Care Tips For Summer Hair Protection

Now that you know what hair products you need, a certain level of care is required for maximum hair protection. Follow these few tips:

Tip #1: Wear a fine hat when you can

While it won’t go with every outfit, throw a hat on if you are ever out for a simple walk/busy running errands. You’ll (temporarily) block UV rays & reduce the risk of sun damage to your 4b hair. Try pairing your hat with a tight, low bun to protect the lengths, not just your roots. However, if you frequent short curly hairstyles, just the hat will do the trick.

Tip #2: Condition your hair before swimming

Before you take a dip, coat your 4c hair in a conditioner from root to tip and toss it into a bun. Your conditioned hair will combat the dehydrating tendencies of chlorine or saltwater once you’re done for the day; wash & condition as normal. Your 4b hair won’t feel stringy/dry.

Tip #3: Try protective styling

The name is too pretty & cute self-explanatory. Protective 4c hairstyles, such as box braids, faux locs, and twists, keep your 4b natural hair tucked away and safe from the elements. Even better, they are super low-maintenance, so less hair styling for you. (With that said, your hair scalp is still exposed, so proper hydration with these summer hairstyles is still necessary.

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