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How To Make Your Perfume Smell Like New For Each Months

No one has ever stopped at just one perfume. We love to try every perfume that we get our hands on. And the ones that we love, we have to have them in our vanity. And there is whole another story of collecting mind-blowing luxury perfumes. We carefully go through each one of them, trying and buying them. Spending money on the right perfume is never seen as an unnecessary expense.

While doing so, we often neglect the way these precious perfumes are stored. Keep some in the bathroom, one or two in the car, and a handbag, while the rest sit in your vanity. When you spend so much money on them, why not keep them properly too? Improper storage can make the perfume lose its potency. It will turn darker with oxidation. The molecules will break down reducing their longevity. And in a worst-case scenario, it will smell like fish. But you can prevent it all from happening!

Storage Tips To Keep Perfume Smelling Like A New One:

Keep them away from heat: Never expose your perfume to direct sunlight. It can cause premature breakdown of molecules. This includes keeping them near a heat source, in direct sunlight, and your car. It should be kept in a cool place.

Store them in proper condition: Try to keep the perfume in a cool, dark, and dry place. Your refrigerator is the best place to store it. And by the refrigerator, we do not mean your freezer. There is a cosmetics mini-fridge available which you can get. Otherwise, your wardrobe will work great to store it as well. It will prevent any damage to the delicate balance of fragrance notes.

An upright position is best: If you store your perfumes like your lipsticks and nail polishes, it is time to stop. This can cause leakage or make the perfume exposed to air. Keep old and new perfumes in original packaging if possible. Otherwise invest in vanity stands. Store your perfumes on it, giving each its place.

Avoid exposing it to air for long: By exposing the perfume to air, you are accelerating the oxidation. This can reduce the life of the perfume. It will not smell as potent as it was before. Also, doing this can cause the perfume to evaporate. Your perfume bottle will be finished before you know it. So, keep the lid back on the bottle as soon as you finish using it.

Is It Safe To Carry Perfume On Travel?

We can never think about leaving for the holidays without perfume. It is necessary to carry a few bottles with you while traveling. However, this is also the time your perfume is damaged a lot. And all those accidental breakage and leakage are so common.

Prevent your expensive perfumes from this hassle by getting small bottles. Mini perfumes and atomizers are the best way to carry perfume with you. These are small and fit in your purse easily. Also, if one breaks, at least the entire bottle is safely tucked away in your cupboard!

Can I Keep My Perfume In The Bathroom?

Keeping perfume in the bathroom is pretty common. It helps in making the perfume accessible. Grabbing a perfume and spraying becomes easy when you are in hurry. And if you have your vanity mirror in the bathroom, this seems like a logical place to keep the perfumes. Regardless of how common this is among perfume users; it can be quite harmful to the perfume.

A bathroom is the hub of heat, humidity, and many microorganisms. Keeping the perfume bottle here exposes it to unnecessary heat and humidity. Perfume liquid is quite complex, and this heat can damage it severely. The perfume molecules present in the alcohol base will begin to disintegrate. It will develop a tint; the aroma will smell off and it will not last more than a few hours.

Not only for perfumes but it is a bad place to keep your makeup and tools. They can develop a fungal growth layer on them. It is so fine, that you might have been using the products without noticing it. These can cause infections in your skin. Keep your vanity in a dedicated place, apart from the bathroom. If you cannot move the vanity dresser, move your makeup and perfumes. Keep them in your cupboard or wardrobe.

This will for sure make them last longer without giving you a skin infection. And your perfume will smell vivid and aromatic even after months of using it.

If you want to keep your best new perfumes smelling best, storing them properly helps. Keep them in a cool, dark, and dry place. Never expose them to direct sunlight. Never keep them near a heat source. Put the lid back on the perfume after using it. Try to keep it in its original packaging or upright position. Doing this will indeed help in preserving your luxury perfumes.



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