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How to Find a Suitable Topic for Dissertation Writing for Any Subject

The question of ‘how to find a topic for dissertation writing’ may be a little too vague but it can be answered! You can always get a little help in starting your dissertation for any topic by starting your work in the right direction. Writing a dissertation is very difficult, agreed! But there is something you can do to make sure that no matter how long the work is, you still have a firm grip on your work. The approach is to find a topic that suits your writing style. First, to know how to find a topic, you must find out what a good dissertation topic is and then start the hunt.

What is a Good Dissertation Topic?

A good dissertation topic is:

  • Something that you have prior knowledge about.
  • A topic that has a lot of content easily available.
  • Create a topic that is easy to be researched.
  • Something that the rear of the same field as yours can relate to you
  • A problem that is in the industry and no one has thought about writing about it.
  • It bridges the gap between the problem and the solution
  • Is completely relevant to your subject etc.

Step-by-Step Work to Find a Good Topic for Your Dissertation:

Finding a good topic is not rocket science and requires a lot of time and effort to do. You just have to make sure the stuff you see online does not overpower your knowledge and decision. Follow the step-by-step method to find the right topic for your dissertation:

  • Make a list of any kind of topics that are popping up in your head. You must have ideas of your own coming to your mind already. Make a list irrespective of what they look like; you should know what is already in your mind before you proceed further. Keep the list aside and make a very organized and readable list.
  • Now browse the internet and get ideas and make another list of topics that you can write about. You just have to write the phrase and not a grammatically correct thesis statement so relax. Just pick up ideas along the way.
  • The next step is to hit the library and find the kind of dissertation written about your subjects that appeal to you. Find all the kinds of topics people have written about.
  • Now go back home and make a list of ideas that have now popped up in your head. Now, this step involves major shortlisting. Eliminate the ideas you will never write about from all of the lists until you are finally on a few names. Run a little research online and check if these topics have ever been written about before.
  • Now pick the topic that remains and you can begin your research and the real work!

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