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How to Choose a Shopify Development Company to Create Your Ecommerce Store?

The pandemic resulted in a significant growth of digital revenue in 2020 where 24% growth in online shopping was recorded as the highest so far. As per sourced by digital commerce 360, COVID -19 boosted e-commerce’s share of total retail sales to approx 20%.

E-commerce is not an option but a necessary tool required for the establishment and growth of the business that sells goods or services online.

With the development of online stores, you get a chance to be on the crest of rapid electronic growth and development. The idea of developing an online store is already putting the potential business owners in a state of fix where they believe it will require a lot of effort and learning for years to build an online platform that successfully serves their purpose.

But what if there was an easy, quick way to make a good eCommerce project that catered to everyone in the English-speaking (and not only English-speaking) world? The solution was discovered: the Shopify store builder.

The Shopify development company has expertise in building online e-Commerce stores in less than presumed time which creates value for money.

Let us proceed to answer the most asked questions by far.

  • Why Shopify is the next best pick for your e-commerce?

If you wish to open a modest but successful online e-commerce store Shopify e-commerce platform is the best pick for you. It is regarded as an aesthetically pleasing and practical CMS (content management system), making it simple to launch an online business and enhance an already successful offline project.

Some people call it a ready-made solution for developing your own store without acquiring a lot of development experience. Shopify is one of the most liked e-commerce platforms.

Looking at the statistics, Shopify builder has been used to create more than 800,000 online stores so far with one-day sales amounting to $1.5 bn just on Black Friday.

If you’re planning to start your journey as an online entrepreneur and have never created your own digital marketplace before then the most significant question which must be bothering you the most is how to choose the best Shopify development company among thousands in the market.

To answer your question, let’s first learn the benefits of hiring a Shopify development company:

If you hire a Shopify development company you do not really have to spare much time understanding the programming of your website. Everything is catered by the web development company even correcting the minor bugs comes under their bucket list.

  • Shopify offers an inbuilt App Store where you can buy ready-made themes for your stores.
  • Shopify platform offers various apps that can personalize your online store.
  • Applications such as product reviews, discount systems, and additional options for sending products to customers are very popular.
  • Shopify’s App Store allows you to quickly create pop-up windows for your website, store, and email service in a couple of clicks.
  • The Shopify App Store already has over 300 apps, including both paid and free add-ons, for websites and mobile apps.
  • Shopify expert agency provides you with an excellent search engine for indexing the pages of your website.

Points to consider while choosing a Shopify Development Partner:

You may find thousands of web development teams in the market. Each E-commerce agency specializes in a specific platform or E-commerce solution.

First, you need to pin down the services you require for your business type. By understanding what kind of service you need, you will increase your chances of finding the right technology partner.

It is significant to assess your future development team’s level of expertise. Therefore, look into their portfolio carefully. Analyze the work they’ve done for their clients. Jot down your requirements and see if they fulfill them.

We’ve done all the analyses to suggest you the right technology partner – Artzen Technologies.

Artzen technologies are the premier business developers who have expertise in developing e-commerce stores using Shopify, Magento, Woo Commerce, Big-commerce, Open cart, and others.  They have a team of developers working 24/7 on customized projects and providing solutions for Shopify Theme Development, Shopify App Development, and Shopify Theme Customization.

They have established themselves in the space of E-commerce development offering an immense scope of online transactions and sales. The team is well versed with the latest technologies and tools, which will give you the finest e-commerce development experience ever.

Also, Artzen technologies provide extraordinary digital marketing solutions with a team of expert enthusiasts working effortlessly to provide complete Digital Marketing Solutions at affordable prices. With 50+ in-house marketing experts and 500+ community members, we serve 800+ clients and bring wide satisfaction throughout our journey to success. Our exclusive digital marketing solution specifically consists of Website designing, Web Development, App development, E-commerce Marketing, Telemarketing, and much more that are solely responsible to keep a wide smile on your face. Also, they are the market leaders in technologies like NodeJS, Angularjs, Reactjs Node.js API Development, Plug-ins Development, Dynamic and Agile Solutions, and Enhanced Plug and Play Components.




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