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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website like Airbnb?

For many savvy travelers, the question of where to stay in a foreign city is obvious: Airbnb. Since its launch in 2011, Airbnb has gained a reputation as a convenient app that allows users to save money on trips, meet hospitable people, and live like a local.

What is Airbnb?

Before thinking about how to develop a website like Airbnb, let’s find out how this marketplace got started.

Brian Chesky and his partner Joe Gebbia came up with the idea for Airbnb when they couldn’t afford to pay their rent. They decided to transform their living room into a bed and breakfast – with a nice homemade breakfast – for three guests. They raised some money this way, then started looking for investors to fund their startup.

Today, Airbnb describes itself as a peer-to-peer marketplace. But to put it simply, Airbnb is just an accommodation-letting service. It provides the same basic functionality as any booking site, but with one major difference. While most booking sites aggregate offers for hotel and motel rooms, Airbnb connects people who are looking for accommodation with people who want to earn some money by letting their own private living spaces.

Airbnb clone app has two types of users: travelers (or guests) and hosts. Oh, and of course admins, ensure that all interactions between guests and hosts go smoothly.

Core features of Airbnb and Their cost

Starting an MVP, it is important to understand which features are primary and which are secondary. First of all, let’s start with an overview of the functions that should be obviously presented in such a service as Airbnb and similar ones.

Considering the fact that the service is used by the guests as well as by the hosts, there are a few types of key features.

Speaking about the features that are available for guests, it should be possible to:

  • Search for a place to stay
  • Look through listings
  • Manage order requests
  • View reservations and bookings details
  • Leave reviews and ratings
  • Manage payments

There are some specific functions that are available for hosts either, they should be able to:

  • create their pages
  • deal with the listings’ information
  • communicate with guests
  • create and send requests
  • view reservations details
  • leave reviews
  • manage payout methods

These features and capabilities should be included in any similar to the Airbnb project as they allow creating an appropriate interface for each user.

Let’s just start with the core features:

  • Sign-in/Sign-up
  • Profile Set-Up
  • Search & Filtering Options
  • Property Listing
  • Apartment details
  • Availability & Booking Management
  • Booking & Wishlist
  • Payment system
  • Notifications
  • Admin Dashboard


Developing this feature, you need to consider adding an ability for customers to create two types of profiles – for travelers and hosts.

Generally, the Sign-Up/Sign In feature includes such options as:

  • Sign In/Sign Up
  • Social networks login
  • Password recovery

Profile Set-Up

When a new user signs in to the service, Airbnb will require them to fill out their profiles. As a rule, customers will be asked to add their profile pictures and a short description more about themselves.

Then it is required to complete the verification by providing an ID document and confirming an email address and a phone number. Inside the account, the users can manage their bookings, exchange messages with the hosts, add and receive after the booking is completed.

In general, profile details are:

  • Legal name
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Stripe account connection

Search & Filtering Options

To start the work with a platform, customers use a search tool where they can use a variety of search filters to find accommodation for the future trip: location, date, and number of travelers. Users can also specify whether the travelers are adults, children, or infants.

The users can also use advanced search options to filter the results out according to some specific requirements such as “pet-friendly accommodation”, “separate entrance”, “number of rooms/bathrooms/beds” or “heat system”. All booking options are displayed on a map along with the nearby sights.

Map Search

Being a part of the general Airbnb search, the map also serves as a separate tool when a  guest is looking for a particular location, or, for example, near the seacoast or closer to the city center.

All the available accommodations will appear on the map when you zoom in to the desired location. It is also possible to click the accommodation on the map to see a quick preview.

Property Listing

This feature is required as far as property listing providers potential buyers with more information about the accommodation. Such data includes basic characteristics like the number of rooms, beds, bathrooms, facilities, clear photos, etc.

Apartment Details

After clicking on the accommodation ad, the customers can see its detailed description that comprises the full list of amenities, available dates, location, other traveler reviews, pictures, and information about the host. entering the dates of the future trip and the guests’ quantity, a traveler can see the final price of the booking, including fees.

For security reasons, the exact address of the apartment is disclosed only after the booking confirmation.

Booking System

After finding a place to stay, tourists move to the booking. To book an apartment, the user should enter all the required details (dates, number of guests) and click the booking button.

Usually, the booking confirmation proceeds automatically for the guests with verified profiles. But in some cases, the guests should wait until the host approves the booking. For example, if the guests didn’t pass the verification, they will need to send a booking request to the host. After the booking users can see all the bookings and manage them.

Besides the booking itself, this feature usually includes observing all the bookings and managing them

Payment System

To confirm the booking, a guest needs to pay for it. Depending on the total price, bigger payments can be divided into two batches: the first one is charged right after the booking, and the second – in a couple of weeks before the trip.  The guests are also required to pay the additional host and rental online rental marketplace fees and, in some countries, taxes.

Thus when creating an Airbnb-like platform we would need to set up a Stripe payment (Create and configure Stripe account, configure sandbox env, configure Stripe env in the project), Connect Stripe account to profiles and enable automatic refunds due to cancellations.

Automatic payment to the Host

After the booking time has passed, part of the payment will be taken from the platform account to the Host account. Plus, users can see the Payment history. Airbnb also emails customers a receipt with all the payment details.


In order to keep the customer updated on news and promotions, the application sends notifications to the user’s account, mobile device, and email.

Generally, notifications options comprise:

  • Notifications about new messages and bookings (email or SMS)
  • Notifications about booked places
  • Messages notifications
  • Notification preferences
  • Real-time notifications

Admin Dashboard

Admin panel allows you, as a business owner, to manage your platform, add new features and handle various kinds of issues.

  • Define types of tours that will be used on a platform
  • See and manage all users
  • See all the bookings
  • Manage booking statuses
  • See feedback and ratings of the Hosts, moderate them
  • Cancellations

Pre-development & DevOps

The pre-development and DevOps stage comprises several actions needed to create a base for the future Airbnb-like project.

At this stage, the team works with general project settings, library connections, planning the features, connecting and implementation of the database, server setup, project deployment, and localization.

The pre-development stage includes such steps as:

  • Project setup
  • Project architecture
  • Set up DataBase
  • DataBase architecture implementation
  • Project Deploy
  • Server setup

Cost To Build A Website Like Airbnb

Starting an Airbnb-like website, you should know the two significant points in its development. First of all, it is necessary to understand how much you will pay for the whole project, from the very beginning to the end. Then, calculate the cost of the website development alone.

The price depends on the team you choose-inhouse or outsource, the tools you use, the features you choose, and some other points.

Now, we offer you to find out how much money you would probably need to start your own project. Here we are going, to sum up, all the costs.


Airbnb changed the market of the property rental market and definitely got a big share of this market. But still, this market offers a big number of opportunities for young entrepreneurs, especially for niche Airbnb-like platforms.

In this article, we showed you the very rough estimates for features of Airbnb clone script. Besides, you need to keep in mind that all these estimates relate to the development of the first version of your MVP. Such an Airbnb platform as you see it today costs the company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

On thу other hand, it should not stop you as everything big starts with little. Besides, you can always go for offshore development and save at least half of the development budget and still get a scalable platform.




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