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Everything you should know about Toll-free numbers, which is making them popular in 2022

The toll-free number is gaining immense popularity in 2022. It is a cloud-based number that facilitates free calling for the customers. These numbers are available in the format 1800-ABC-DEFG and have become a unanimous choice for business organisations who want to augment business growth by improving client communication. Read on to know more about the toll-free numbers and the reason behind their soaring popularity, probably giving you clear answers if you can rely on them to acquire more customers!

24x 7 Availability:

The solution helps companies to make themselves available to their customers 24×7. They can integrate the solution with the IVR- Interactive Voice Response technology, which provides multi-level menus to the callers. They can choose the correct option that will resolve their queries. With the self-help menus, the customers can get their answers whenever they want. It will reduce the dependency on the live agent every time they have a query. However, if their problem is complex, they can choose the option to speak to the company representative. Such omnipresence prompts customers to consider the business as customer-centric, which is essential in attracting and retaining customers.

Brand Value: 

Using the same number across different channels such as on the website, social media, and even offline, such as outdoor advertising, strengthens the recall value and helps build strong branding. The companies can bring a sense of consistency across their various advertising and promotion channels and connect with their customers across multi-touchpoint campaigns. 

Better CX:

There’s nothing better than enabling your customers to connect with your business free of cost. The cost of the calls is borne by the company- the firm which owns the number. The solution helps build a positive image as the customers will consider the business customer-friendly. 

More Leads:

Every company aims to get better leads and a better conversion rate. The customers bear zero call cost to connect with the business, so the business gets more calls and more leads. It is an excellent opportunity for the company who can utilise it by converting the leads by effectively engaging them. 

Call Routing: 

Another essential factor you should know about toll-free numbers is that they are equipped with call routing capability. Customers do not like long call queues, and so to provide high customer satisfaction, the business can smartly route the calls to the next available agent. With faster connectivity, it can offer better CX, and the agents can resolve their queries without making them wait for long.

Call Recording:

Companies with a futuristic approach need to utilise data and make profitable decisions based on the data insights. The toll-free contact numbers enable the companies to record customer communication and understand the customers’ expectations. They can understand the customers’ grievances and strive towards providing them high customer satisfaction. Another benefit the call recording offers is that it helps gauge the agents’ performance. The company can judge the agents’ performance on various parameters such as FCR-First Call Resolution, average handle time, etc., and provide them the requisite training to improve their performance. 

Business expansion:

Expansions require a vast amount of resources, but the toll-free number offers a cost-efficient way of tapping the new markets. Businesses can expand their customer service throughout the country without incurring huge expenses. The software requires minimal setup and is available at budget-friendly prices. With minimal infrastructure, businesses can connect with their potential customers in any part of the country. They can buy the premium toll-free contact numbers from a reliable tollfree number service provider and expand their customer base. 

Track Marketing campaigns:

One of the easiest ways to attract customers is to collect their valuable feedback and incorporate it into the business operations. Companies can collect customer feedback with toll-free numbers through surveys and instantly get feedback. Businesses can easily track the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and reach out to customers successfully. 


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