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Common Tyre Maintenance Checks

Completing various duties entails focusing on our work, the different activities that consume our everyday life, and more. We have little time to lose; such is the fabric of modern life.

There are several things we attend to within an ordinary day. Everything we do comes under the pretext of our work, chores, Goodyear Tyres Bracknell recreational activities and similar things.

Therefore, we take the help of different aids to get our work done on time. Seeing that there are multiple things we need to attend to, we try to get the most help from technology and machinery.

Transportation is a necessity that we cannot live without. Needing to go from one place to another; we use a vehicle to fulfil our travelling needs. People buy a vehicle or a car with buck loads of excitement.

Caring for the vehicle one bought with such excitement can become secondary after some time. However, if one expects their vehicle to last long without failing at any junction, they should sincerely care for its maintenance and care.

Parts of the vehicle, such as the tyres, can incur damages for various reasons. Their care and maintenance have to become a regular task to derive maximum value from them. There are different parts to a tyre that require maintenance and care. Here are some of how one can care for their tyres:


The tread of the tyre is responsible for making contact with the road and establishing grip. The tread comes in different types and sizes to suit various road conditions. The types of tyre tread are directional, symmetrical, asymmetrical, asymmetrical and directional. These tyre treads supply different uses for the vehicle.

A brand new tyre will have a tread of 8mm. As time passes by, this tyre tread begins wearing off. It is impossible to prevent tyre wear. As a natural part of owning a tyre, tyre wear impacts the vehicle’s performance.

After tyre wear wears off the tyre after a point, it will become difficult for the same to perform adequately. Following this issue, one has to replace their tyre after five to six years.

A smooth tyre is called smooth because it loses most of its tread to wear. As the tread wears below 2mm, it will fail to make maximum traction and grip on the road. It is vital to replace your tyres once this timeline passes. A smooth tyre can compromise your vehicle’s safety by skidding.


On several occasions, tyres can incur damages in different forms. The most common kind of damage to inflict on your vehicle’s performance is puncturing.

Common punctures that merely pierce the tread of your tyre will not have a lasting impact on the performance of the tyre. One can fix such a tyre puncture with a puncture repair kit. An adhesive and a coolant for fixing the tyres are all one needs to undo the damage.

However, some punctures can pierce the inner tread and cause extensive damage. Such kinds of damages can cause a flat. A flat tyre stops you from driving forward and requires immediate change. Changing your tyres can be difficult, especially if one has not done it before.

In such circumstances, people either request a tow or book a mobile tyre fitting service. Nevertheless, a puncture can have a long-lasting impact on the suspension and handling of your vehicle.

Other kinds of tyre damage that may have a lasting impact on the condition of your tyres are a cut, cracks and bulges.

All of these damages can happen to the sidewall of your tyre and rob it of its integral structure. It is vital to focus on proper driving and prevent any overspeeding over curbs that can result in such damages. Tyres that have been in use for a really long time will and have gone through different phases of storage will inevitably give rise to problems.


The last straw that determines the performance of your tyres is inflation pressure. Inflation is necessary to enable your tyres to perform well. Without proper inflation, tyres will not be able to deliver adequate performance.

Two kinds of conditions arise from improper inflation. Underinflation and overinflation Car Tyres Bracknell happen from inadequate inflation. From punctures and flats to sidewall damage are a direct result of improper inflation.

To ensure that your tyres do not face any damage from improper inflation, ensure their inspection every week or so. A pressure gauge is necessary to determine your tyre’s inflation levels. The same is available at the local garage.



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