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Best Things to Do in India

India is a diverse, ancient, and exquisite country with a sensory experience that could be highly overwhelming. Ranging from its unique and rich culture, its historic architecture to its delicious cuisine and scenic beauty, India has something interesting for every type of traveler. India is a country that is surely hard to describe as it has fascinating things to do that go beyond your dreams. You can even take a break from exploring architecture and history and could escape to various exciting adventures like visiting national parks, experiencing a hot balloon safari, and many other things. If you want guidance on what to do in India, here comes the list of spectacular things to do in India.

Experience tiger safari

India is home to a huge and diverse range of wildlife, but the hidden gems of India are cats that roam around. India is known for five of the wildest cats in the world, one being Bengal Tigers. These wild cats have been able to attract a huge number of tourists from around the globe and tourists experience this tiger safari with much enthusiasm.

Enjoy a hot air balloon ride

Visit Bandhavgarh National Park and rejuvenate yourself with the fresh air that blows there and view varying types of animals. Moreover, enjoy balloon travel in Bandhavgarh as the National Park looks entirely different from above. View leopards, tigers, and other types of animals from above. An eco-friendly way to enjoy your unforgettable moment while spotting sloth bears, Royal Bengal Tigers, and many other animals.

Temple exploration

India is a land of temples, as one temple could be found every 3km within a city. Temples are the holy home for Gods where people of India go to pray and pay respect to their faithful deity every day. Various temples in India hold a great history of cultural significance along with mesmerizing architecture. Explore these temples that boast their eye-catching architecture that acts as a major attraction of India.

Be part of Indian festivals

Indian festivals depict the heart of its religion, culture, and spirit. India celebrates various festivals throughout the year in which you could view lots of gatherings of people and high diversity. Certain festivals in India celebrate Goddesses and Gods, Prophets and Saints, along with welcoming of various new seasons. To be a part of these Indian festivals is the most enjoyable moment as there you would be able to view true India. Experience the vibrant look of the landscape from above via a hot balloon safari.

Trekking in the Himalayas

India is a great option for trekking, especially in the Himalayas as it is a breathtaking destination spot. India provides you with fantastic trekking opportunities amidst the Himalayas and it would become the most joyous experience for you. Ranging from easy hikes through valleys, to trekking through high passes, scenic views, and rough trails. Himalaya trekking is a pure treat for one’s soul, mind, and body. 


So, exploring various historical sites to camel safari could be the best thing to do in India and the hot air balloon ride acts as a topping over it. To experience a better hot air balloon ride make sure to contact sky waltz adventure hot air balloon rides as they would make your ride more enjoyable. India is a true gem for travelers from all walks of life. Moreover, there are tremendous things to do in India that would get you confused. 



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