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9 New Local Search Features You Should Be Using

Google My Business has several features that you can use to optimize your website for local search results. These features are what sets you apart from similar businesses in your niche. Features like search queries, optimized customer reviews, uploading relevant photos could mean more sales for your local HVAC business. Below are some of the features that you could use to your advantage.

1.    Use Google business insights to discover search queries

Search queries are the keywords that your clients use to locate your business.

  • This feature lets you find out the target keywords that your site ranks for.
  • It allows you to set relevant keywords relating to your local HVAC business

You could use keywords like “the best HVAC contractor in Las Vegas”

  • A client could find your business through:
  • Direct search – this is where a client searches for you using your business name or address
  • Discovery search – this is where a consumer finds you via your product or service category
  • Branded search – where your business appears to a client when they search for your brand or other related brands
  • Search queries also indicate the number of customers that find your business using particular terms
  • These queries help you identify missed opportunities that you could claim with additional keywords.

GMB works very well when linked to your other website assets such as a website. It is good to ensure that your website is SEO friendly so that it can benefit from the links and clicks coming from GMB. You can hire an expert in HVAC SEO services to help you optimize your HVAC website to rank for keywords.

2.    Use the Customer Actions

This feature allows you to view the number of website visitors, direction requests, messages and phone calls

  • Direction requests help you see where your clients requested directions from.
  • You can use this information to adjust your location to cover a wider area
  • You can use the phone calls and messages information to identify what time your customers seek your services.

3.    Make use of your Google My Business listing to interact with clients

  • Update your Google Business Listing to get a feature that allows you to message your clients.
  • This creates an interactive session that you can use to convince your client to purchase your HVAC units.
  • For instance, a client looking for an effective air conditioner might want to know how your product will cut energy costs. You can use this platform to assure them that your products are highly energy-efficient.

4.    Include your products or services in your listing

  • You can add your products or services which could compel your website visitors to make a purchase.
  • You could even provide a link that redirects clients to your web pages
  • Clients are able to get more detailed information about your products or services

5.    Add a detailed business description

  • Google My Business allows you to include crucial and relevant business information that helps clients understand your HVAC business better.
  • Your business description can set you apart from your competitors which helps you generate viable leads.
  • You can include a small business history and a preview of the services or products you offer.
  • You can include an enticing call to action that can convert your visitors into customers.
  • Make use of the relevant keywords that flow naturally in your description
  • You need good copywriting when it comes to website and GMB profile content. Hire premium article writing services to create a compelling business description for your website. You don’t want to end up with a dull copy.

6.    Make use of the Q&A section to interact with your audience

  • The Q&A feature enables your clients to ask questions regarding your brand, products or services
  • It enables you to interact with your customers and build a good relationship with them
  • Try to respond quickly to the questions asked by your clients to minimize bounce rates.
  • Engaging your customers helps build their trust in you and the brand you represent
  • When your customers are satisfied with the answers you provide, they are more likely to buy your services. They could even leave positive reviews which can boost your rankings further.

7.    Post photos and videos

  • Visual content is more captivating to consumers than text.
  • You can post photos on your GMB listing to build trust in your clients
  • Photos can also promote your brand’s awareness by showcasing who you are and what you represent
  • Upload real images of your carpentry shop with a view of the furniture you sell. This could spark the interest of a potential customer in need of a new couch.
  • You can also post pictures or videos of yourself working on a product and then show the end result of that product.
  • Try to get customers to post photos of your products or services since it will provide a non-biased perspective which could help your site gain traction
  • If you have a new product, you could post it to increase awareness and boost its sales

8.    Maximize on reviews

  • A customer that visits your site will probably want to know the reliability and authenticity of your product or service before purchasing it.
  • Several customer reviews will probably convince your prospects to buy your product.
  • Encourage reviews by requesting clients directly or through email
  • In case of a negative review, try to respond positively by assuring the client that improvements are being made.
  • For instance, clients are more likely to purchase your painting services with 5-star rating as compared to your competitor with a 2-star rating.

9.    Include your service area in your listing

You probably own a delivery service that does not generally rely on your specific location. If so, additional information can be helpful to clients.

  • Include the areas you serve to make it easier for clients outside your location to find your business.
  • For instance, if you are a plumber consider including your service area to increase the chances of homeowners discovering your services.

Local SEO features can boost your sites’ ranking depending on how well you utilize them. A high quality and detailed business description can draw and potentially convert your website visitors into paying clients. Engaging your prospects and providing meaningful information is the key to building a lasting customer relationship.



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