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4 Benefits of Using Hand Grips / Fitness / Equipment

Hand grips are small, lightweight lever-type devices that can be squeezed to build arm strength. These devices are used by athletes to help them excel in their chosen sport. Most sports involve lifting weights or using your hands to transmit power. Hand grips are a great way to strengthen your lower arms. This can be useful for any sport, including football, weightlifting and baseball, as well as martial arts and weightlifting. These sports all require a strong lower arm, so hand grips can help you build that strength. Here are four great benefits to using hand grips.

Why is grip strength so important?

Research has shown that grip power can be associated with several health indicators such as:

Mobility. Mobility. People with impairments are more susceptible to having decreased grip strength.

Overall strength. Grip strength can be a good indicator for overall strength. However, there are instances when this may not be true. To get a more accurate indicator, it might be better to measure grip strength alongside leg strength.

Cognitive function. Good grip strength scores higher on tests of working memory, processing speed, verbal ability, and verbal abilities. They also have a lower risk of developing thinking issues with age.

Bone mineral density. Low grip strength can be correlated to low bone mineral density, which refers to how strong your bones are. Low grip strength is associated with osteoporosis. This is when your bones are weaker. People with poor grip strength are more likely to suffer from hip fractures or fragility fractures. Fragility fractures can occur from falls of less than a meter in height.

Heart health. One study that included 140,000 participants found that grip strength decreased was associated with heart health. There was an 11-pound increase in grip strength for every 12 lb decrease in grip strength.

  • One-half more deaths due to any cause
  • An 17% increase in deaths from heart disease
  • Increased stroke risk by 9%
  • Increased risk of having a cardiac attack by 7%

What is Good Grip Strength?

The factors that influence the high grip strength readings will be your age, gender, and hand. A table will be included in the dynamometer manual that will give you information about your grip strength for both your right and left hands. Your grip strength will be measured in a gym, doctor’s office or other location. The test subject will provide you with explanations.

As you become better overall your grip strength will also improve. If you are older than 40 years old and have not been active in the past, consult your doctor to determine which strength training program is best for you. You can use your weight or resistance tube, weight free, and/or a weight machine to strengthen the train.

Four of the most significant benefits of hand grip strengthening equipment

  1. More Forearm Muscularity

Hand grips can make your forearms look larger than the rest. This is how the principle works. Your fingers are controlled via the muscles located in your forearms. Your forearm muscles control the closing and opening of your hands, while your forearm extensors control it. These muscles will be the most important beneficiaries of hand grips.

  1. Hand Endurance

Because your hands can exert more force, hand grips automatically improve hand endurance. The length of force that you can use to increase your hand endurance is another way. When you practice hand grips, your ability to exert pressure for longer periods can be improved. This can be very useful when you need to carry heavy bags and suitcases. Once you have built up your hand endurance, you’ll notice how much easier it is to carry heavy bags and suitcases around.

  1. Increased strength in the hands

Third, hand grips have the ability to increase hand strength. You can train your fingers and wrists to increase their power. Hand strength can help you in gyms, where you can hold onto weights longer. Tennis will allow you to swing the racquet much more efficiently. For activities like climbing and gymnastics, you will need to have more hand strength. You can only support your body weight by using your grip.

  1. Increased dexterity

Hand grips are a great way to strengthen your fingers and increase dexterity. Some musicians use spring-loaded grips to help build strength in their fingers. This allows them to confidently apply pressure on their instruments. Also, improved dexterity is a benefit for typists.

Apart from above mentioned benefits, isometric exercises like grip strengthening workout improve your cardiac health, and thereby regulates your high blood pressure. Nowadays the most common lifestyle disease is hypertension and high blood pressure which can be controlled through the right kind of physical activity. Large number of medical studies has proved that isometric exercise significantly reduces high blood pressure. Now it has become a well known topic about the consequences of hand grippers blood pressure. We’ll talk about this in another article. Stay with us to learn more



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