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To the Russia investigation tonight, and Donald Trump Jr. On the hot seat for hours today. Answering questions from the house intelligence committee about that meeting at trump tower with the Russian lawyer during the campaign, after e-mails showed he was promised dirt on Hillary Clinton. Here’s ABC’s senior justice correspondent Pierre Thomas tonight. Reporter: On capitol hill today, Donald Trump Jr. Grilled for hours by members of the house intelligence committee. Congressman, has he been forthcoming, sir? Not commenting at this time, thank you. Reporter: A key focus, the 2016 trump tower meeting. Don Jr., Jared Kushner, campaign chairman Paul manafort and that Russian lawyer. Don Jr. Had been told in an e-mail from an associate that the lawyer wanted to provide the campaign with dirt on Hillary Clinton as part of Russia and its government support for Mr. Trump. Don jr.’s response? “If it’s what you say, I love it.” In retrospect, I probably would have done things a little differently. For me, this was opposition research. Reporter: Opposition research is the norm. But what’s under scrutiny is whether the trump campaign sought help from a hostile foreign power. Don Jr. Insisting nothing came of the meeting. But when the story first broke, he gave a misleading statement about why it was arranged in the first place, saying the focus was on Russian adoptions. President trump was involved in drafting that statement. My son is a wonderful young man. Most people would have taken that meeting. Reporter: The big question, when did the president learn of the meeting and what was he told? After those e-mails became public, he acknowledged discussing that matter with his father, but refused to answer questions about that discussion on the basis of a claim of attorney/client privilege. All right, Pierre Thomas with us live tonight. He’s on the hill. And Pierre, as we just heard from congressman Schiff there, reportedly don Jr. Saying he did talk to the president about this after the e-mails became public, but would not reveal more to the committee. The president’s son facing questions for eight hours today. He’s going to be facing more? Reporter: That’s right, David. It was a gruelling eight hours of questioning, and, David, we suspect that the special counsel may have additional questions for don Jr. David? Pierre Thomas with us again

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