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Next to Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore and the about-face from the RNC, pulled funding funding. Suddenly now the RNC now helping him again. What changed? Is the one Republican senator who’s writing a check to Roy Moore’s opponent saying he’s putting country over party. Here’s Tom llamas. Reporter: For the first time, president trump today speaking out about his decision to endorse Roy Moore, a man who’s accused of molesting teenage girls. I think he’s going to do very well. We don’t want to have a liberal Democrat in Alabama, believe me. Reporter: The Republican national committee had cut ties with Moore when the allegations of abuse surfaced. The allegations were obviously very concerning, and concerning to the degree that we pulled our resources. Reporter: But following the president’s lead, now the RNC is once again helping Roy Moore. And on capitol hill, other Republicans are also falling in line. Senator Mitch Mcconnell once called on Moore to drop out. He’s obviously not fit to be in the United States senate. Reporter: But then this apparent change in tone. Do you believe that judge Moore should be in the senate? I’m going to let the people of Alabama make the call. Reporter: Today, Mcconnell insists he’s been consistent. Yeah, there’s been no change of heart. Reporter: Some Republicans still firmly against Moore. Senator Jeff flake of Arizona sending this $100 check to Moore’s democratic opponent Doug Jones. Writing on the memo line “Country over party.” We can’t become a party of Roy Moore as Republicans. Moore has denied any accusation of sexual misconduct but with one week before the election, Jones is making sure voters don’t forget. I damn sure believe that I have done my part to ensure that men who hurt little girls should go to jail and not the United States senate. Tonight, Roy Moore will have a rally here in fairhope, Alabama. Supporters are showing up right now. Even though the RNC is helping out Roy Moore the national Republican senator yal committee, they’re sticking on the sidelines and the chairman from Colorado saying if Roy Moore gets elected to the senate he should be expelled. Next here, congressman on est under growing pressure

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