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All right, Adrienne, you never get to say this so say it. Oh, I get to say it. I’m doing the honors. Now to “Pop news.” Diane ahere. Yay. We’re here at the same time. How fun is this? Coining a new term. Ppda, prince and princess display of affection because body language experts are loving prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Apparently they are perfectly in sync. Whatever that means. There it is, ppda. Body language expert Jude day James points to their hand holding. That’s apparently very rare for the royal family. So true. She says that they also had their airports around each other in a very natural way implying they do this all the time. What is he doing with his other hand? He has this habit where he tucks his hand into his jacket which they say is a sign of sort of trying to protect and comfort yourself. Look here, he’s moved his hand up to his heart which they say indicates Harry’s love for his fiancee. I thought it was indigestiindigestion. They’re madly in love. Science has proven it. Don’t let Ron completely ruin everything. Just keep going. All right. Just a critic over here. Get ready for it, Taylor Swift fans making her album “Reputation” on streaming services available. She confirmed this with this post last night. She famously pulled other music off streeping services in 2014. She has put it back on since then but billboard report “Reputation” was supposed to be in digital and physical form only so not sure what’s behind the change but whatever she’s doing it’s working. Maybe she just sold enough, period. She’s a businesswoman and this is the biggest debut for a album. Already sold 1.2 million copies in just the first week of the release. Wow. That’s just another Mike drop for her. That’s so true. Also one of the — not every artist can pull it off. It’s because I can. She’s doing something right. All right, well, speaking of doing something right get ready for more straipg stranger. Netflix announced its hottest show will tureturn for third season. Season one won five emmys season two brought in almost 16 million viewers within the first three days. The show’s star eleven celebrated on Instagram writing season three of “Stranger things” is happening. That means more Eggos. More kiss and more crying. This photo is quite a contrast to the previous one in Bali apparently stranded there and thanked everyone who helped her through that. Finally, I brought you guys a treat this morning to end things off. Hershey’s just launched its first new candy bar in 22 years. Get this, it has no chocolate called the Hershey’s gold bar. It’s a caramelized cream bar with peanuts and pretzels baked inside. The last bar they released was a cookies and cream one. This is delicious. I say two thumbs up for the gold. Diane Macedo, great “Pop news.” Two thumbs up to you. Newscenter 5

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