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11 Steps To Perfecting The French Braid Hair

Paris, croissants, champagne. The French appear to get so much right. There’s one more to add to the list: the French braid. Nobody knows for sure if this braid came from France, but it certainly has the panache and style of everything French. French braids look great on their own or as a base for various other hairstyles. Here’s how to perfect the French braid hair in 11 easy steps! 

How To Make A French Braid Hair (Step-By-Step)

Simple steps to do a French Braid
Simple steps to do a French Braid

Step 1: Brush through your hair with an oval or flat paddle brush or a detangling that won’t cause frizz to remove all tangles from your long hair.

Then, whether you want the braid to go to the side or straight back, brush your hair in the direction you want it to go.

Step 2: From the front hairline at the temples to just above the crown of the head, create a Mohawk-shaped section. Make three equal subsections in the top.

Step 3: Cross the left section over the center section in step three. The right section is then crossed over the center section.

Step 4: Hold a small part of long hair from the right side of your head. Please pick it up with your finger and part it straight across to the beginning of the existing braid.

Add this new section to the right-hand braid.

Step 5: Feed a small section of hair from the front hairline into the left braid.

Step 6: The left section should be crossed over the center. The right section should be crossed over the center.

Step 7: Feed a hairline/side section into the right side braid section, then feed a hairline section into the left side braid section. Cross the left section over the center, then the right section.

Step 8: Continue braiding until you run out of braid hair to feed on each side, which should be down to the bottom of the head or nape.

Step 9: At this point, divide the remaining long hair into three sections below the bottom of the head and finish the look with a traditional three-strand braid.

Step 10: Tie the braided hair with a small elastic and spray the hair with hairspray to keep flyaways at bay.

Step 11: Finish with a setting agent.

A good salon styling product will help you finish your French braid. Complete with a holding styling product for a long-lasting braid hair. Using a texturizing spray also helps hold onto hair that is too clean, fine, or slippery.


Now that you know how to do French braid hair, invest in good quality hair and braided rock hair like never before!

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